Our Services

Employment Law Consultancy

Creation and registration of Companies, Sole Traders, and initial registration of workplaces with the Social Security.

Preparation of employment contracts, extensions, final settlements and company certificates.

Analysis and preparation of payrolls and Social Security.

Processing of temporary incapacity, invalidity and retirement applications.

Attendance at the CMAC for arbitration and mediation in employment law disputes

Assistance in Employment Inspections, appeals and procedures before the public authorities and Companies Courts.

Occupational Risk Prevention.

Accident insurance and collective insurance required by collective agreements.

Processing of registration and deregistration of workers for Social Security, occupational accident reports and professional illness.

Processing of employment subsidies.

Processing of Inspection Visits Books and subcontractor books.

Company registrations as contractor or subcontractor in the construction sector.

Tax Consultancy Services

Advice on aspects concerning the following taxes:

Personal Income Tax.

Corporation Tax.

Value Added Tax.

Asset Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty.

Inheritance and Bequest Tax.

Local Taxes

Non-Resident Income Tax


Appeals and deferrals. Demands.

Registration of companies and sole traders with the Tax Agency.

Processing and fulfilment of formal periodic and annual obligations.


Economic claims against public authorities.

Accounting Consultancy Services

Preparation of accounts in accordance with the NEW GENERAL ACCOUNTING STANDARDS.

Direct normal and simplified estimation.

Design of an accounts plan tailored to your business.

Legalisation of accounting records and filing of annual accounts.


Accounting records and balance sheets and profit and loss accounts.


At Natimar Gestiones we are extensively involved in Property Administration:


Administration of Condominiums and Joint Condominiums under horizontal property law.

Supervision of installations and contracting of maintenance services.

Announcement of Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings.


Preparation of taxes, payrolls and Social Security for employees, and Legal Consultancy.

Establishment of condominiums and joint condominiums of property owners.

Authoring and preparation of bylaws and internal regulations.

Personal services for property owners in various matters.


Preparation of real budgets for property owners’ associations.

Deed Processing Services

Legal consultancy for our clients in all manner of operations. Purchases, Inheritances, Wills, Incorporation of Companies, etc. We draw on the services of numerous lawyers in Fuengirola for such matters.

Procedural handling of deeds: collection from notary offices, settlement of taxes. Presentation at the Land Register.

Changes of home utility contract registration.


Changes of ownership in the Land Survey, etc.